Published by blog2016_topwatc on May 12, 2016

Won’t Take The Rolex Replica Watches Sale To A Shop

The first photo depicts that the color of the bezel is significantly a deeper color of green than the picture on website, the second picture displays a totally different wrist band than featured on the website. The reason I am so disappointed is because the photos of the Swiss Rolex Replica Watches on the website…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on May 5, 2016

I Have Lost Interest With The Replica Watches Sale

I had selected a Ladies size watch.  Look forward to receiving same service as previous order, please is it possible to include instructions to set time. Many thanks for your help but unfortunately the crown does not seem to be turning. Can I return the Rolex replica sale to you and perhaps you can carry…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on April 27, 2016

I Never Received The Rolex Replica Sale I Ordered

If I’m perfectly honest, I feel uncomfortable sending money to you again to China. I can’t help but feel that we should just call it a day and cancel the transaction! I’ve been stung before with similar ventures / transactions and feel uncomfortable in having to pay £20 with a further £4.90 western union fee…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on April 15, 2016

I Need The Rolex Replica Sale

Here’s what I need. Please give me individual price on these three watches and the style number so I can order them . I need the Replica Watches Sale just like it is, the ladies Datejust watch I need this exact style diamonds and all only not gold plated I need it all stainless. Also does this…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on April 6, 2016

I Do Not Like The Finish

I do not like the finish. In your website it says that I can return the Replica Rolex within two weeks so kindly send me your address. Please do not get into a debate. If you make things difficult I will have to send a notice about your website. Please do not make things difficult….

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on March 28, 2016

I Have Been More Than Accommodating

This is bad math and poor business. I will wire you an additional $50. That comes out to $50 for the 2667, $50 for the 1115 and $50 for the broken Rolex Replica Watches. This seems fair to me. I hope you will consider it. I have been more than accommodating and patient. Since our last correspondence,…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on March 18, 2016

I Have Chosen The Watch I Want

You just don’t reply to my emails. I’m getting very worried. I have lost my money. Have you sent me a Rolex replica sale yet? Please tell me the truth or I have to contact my bank and try to do something about this. It would help if I knew what’s going on and you…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on March 9, 2016

Please Try To Make It Flawless

Do you have any idea which service supplier use for dispatching the international order. Do you mind in helping in tracking my Swiss Replica Watches order? Could you please reconfirm the tracking number and courier name? I am not getting any information from anywhere about my order. Unless and until I get to know the…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on March 4, 2016

Two of The Upgraded Bracelets

I have more bad news. You have shipped me the wrong Rolex Replica Watches. My order was for two Rolex Explorer II model 72855. You incorrectly shipped me two Rolex Explorer II model 10620. The reason that I ordered model 72855 and paid the higher price is for the upgraded Oyster Bracelet. The ones that I received…

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Published by blog2016_topwatc on March 2, 2016

An Anniversary Present

As I said in one of my many emails to you I have been doing that every day and they have no trace of it on there track and trace. System , why are you telling me in one e mail you are going to resend , then telling me to check with my local…

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